Monday, October 24, 2005

Fisherman's Grill


tucked in the nondescript roads of san fernando, pampanga is an eatery named "fisherman's grill." as it is a popular venue for wedding receptions and baptisms, free parking spaces in front of the restaurant is a rarity; however, you may deposit your car in its sister establishment, "fisherman's car wash," conveniently located right across the street.

don't wear red or you might be mistaken as one of the friendly waiters who are only to willing to make your dining experience memorable. service is fast and efficient.

try the sizzling sisig, which has just the right amount of pork, liver and onions. the tokwa't baboy, which is liberally mixed with green bell peppers and red onions, will go well with this. those who are watching their cholesterol will not go wrong with the deep fried plapla, whose crisp skin and tender meat will surely please your palate.

a little less than a P1,000 will bring you 9 kinds of ulam, 7 cups of rice, and 6 kinds of drinks. while "fisherman's grill" has a good, inexpensive, broad selection of food, it is not exactly a place where you would take a date used to the likes of C'est Si Bon.

this guest blogger gives it 4 giraffes for taste and 2 for sanitation!


Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm interested to try this place.Pls. could you give me some directions on how to reach the place. Do they have any website at all so that I can check some of the pictures.

Nikkie said...

To the Anonymous above, where are from? for the mean time I can only tell you the exact location of Fisherman's Grill.
Here's the address.
Lazatin Boulevard, Villa Victoria Dolores City of San Fernando Pampanga.

***Hello po, I was wondering if we can print your blog and post it inside Fisherman's Grill? :) Thank you po in advance.