Saturday, February 09, 2008

Massimo's Cafe, Tagaytay

"This reminds me of my lola's house" was Agent A's comment and I think it pretty much summed up the whole feel of the place. (Agent A's lola must also have an expensive chef! hehehe)
Decided to go for an early valentine's day dinner at Massimo's Ristorante upon Mama Hen's and commenter Rachel's recommendation. We were the only patrons during that Friday night and we were greeted by our friendly waiter who immediately showed us the menu written in chalk on a big blackboard.

I thought that was a bit strange-- ordering even before we were seated and it felt a bit 'rushed'. I assume that the meals are made depending on what's available in the market but since it's fine-dining prices, I would've still preferred a printed copy that I could leisurely peruse while nibbling on some starters.

The Food
Speaking of starters, I recommend the artichoke and cheese dip (php250) with sticky, gooey cheese on crispy toasted bread. For the main course, I had the scallops on mushroom risotto (php695) while Agent A ordered sea bass with mashed potato (Php850).

The portions were just right for us but then again Agent A and I aren't very big eaters. The sea bass was crispy, melts in your mouth and went well with the refreshing dalandan juice (php85). I thought the scallops were slightly on the salty side but the risotto had lots of flavor. Both dishes had mediocre plating and didn't invite you to take a photo of it.

It pains me to say this but dessert was underwhelming. The molten chocolate cake with ice cream (php175) was so-so. Maybe I should've tried the gelato instead. Try their calming mint tea (php65) to cap off your meal.

Very good service-- our server was unobtrusive and he knew the menu well.

Rating: 0.50
A dinner for two that cost almost Php2,500 and I didn't even order any wine! I apply my snootier set of standards for such fine-dining prices and I give this place three and a half pawikan points. Bonus points because of the folksy, easy-going ambience. Minus points because we didn't get any official receipt, just a sales invoice.

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Directions: Coming from the Tagaytay rotunda, drive about 2km and make a right at the Petron station with the fork in the road. After about 400m, you'll see a big sign on your right for Massimo. Turn right and you'll see the well-lit house to your right.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

How to search and download music from multiply

I used to discover a lot of music because of the MP3s posted on social networking site multiply. It seems that they've wisened up and disabled the search and download options but it still is possible and I'll show you how.

The easy way is to visit the multiply music search tool. It's great if it works but sometimes you get a 403 forbidden error message and you'll just have to try again.

If the method above doesn't work, try this sure fire method of reviewsbyp:

How to search for mp3's on multiply:

step 1. Don't use regular google because multiply music isn't indexed anymore. Instead, use: and prefix your query with the phrase "" (exclude the quotation marks).

  • For example if you're searching for wolfgang, type this (without quotation marks) in the search box: " wolfgang"
  • You can also put both the artist and song name like this: " yellow submarine beatles"
step 2. When the results appear in the list, do not click on the link directly because multiply will bring you to an error page. Instead, copy (right click > copy shortcut / link location) and paste the link (CTRL + V) into the address bar of a new window (CTRL + N).

How to download the songs from multiply
The actual links to the mp3s are hidden but easy to find. From the multiply page, right click on the "play this playlist" and save the M3U file on your desktop. Open this M3U file with notepad (or Word) and you will see the direct links inside. Copy and paste link into your browser's address bar and you're good to go.
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