Saturday, December 10, 2005

White Cove Resort, Nasugbu, Batangas

Rating: 11000
I was disappointed at the dilapidated state of UCPB-managed White Cove Resort:

  • The sand is not fine at all! Dig a couple of centimeters down and you see that the soil becomes dark and black-- looks like it's not natural and they *ship* sand to this resort.
  • Woefully inadequate and poorly designed cabanas. (actually there's no design at all-- a couple of wooden beams and a roof. )
  • So-so food and lousy ambience of the open-air veranda (the Coco Bar was closed for renovations). It's basically a cement floor with karinderya-style tables and white monobloc chairs-- plus, there's no view at all! The cabanas, roof and the fact that it's situated a bit in-land ensures you have a limited view of the sea.
  • The TV in the room doesn't have local channels--they only show piped-in movies and they only play until 1am!
  • The general state and feel of the whole place-- the facades of the buildings really need to be retouched and at night, the place is... eerie, like a haunted house.
Nevertheless, I still had a great time not because of the place but because of the company I brought with me! Things I liked about the place are:
  • The rates are reasonable.
  • the rooms are surprisingly spacious, air-conditioned, clean and the bathrooms are beautiful!
  • no corkage! You can bring in your own food and booze!
If you're on a budget, This is a place that your barkada can go to on a long weekend. It's easy to find because their website provides clear driving directions. Don't expect much from the beach (even the sunset is so-so) but for some good fun, make sure you bring your own videoke mic, mp3 player and speakers, food, drinks and a big barkada to last the whole night!

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agent a said...

i just really really liked the room that came with a beautiful bathroom! (large & clean - it had separate shower stall and bathtub! sooo cool!!)

the rooms unlike the entire building facade was surprisingly maintained, clean & spacious!

that was their only redeeming factor.

Anonymous said...

The sunset at White Cove is so-so? That's the most ridiculous comment I've read. I've been there twice and I loved every minute of being on the beach. It has the most beautiful and serene sunset I've seen. Sunset comes slow, and then suddenly the whole panorama is resplendent with golden, if melancholic, light. True, the place is ill-managed or not managed at all. I think the owners -- first the Go family and then UCPB -- just wouldn't sink in more money into the place. The accommodation is lousy, the food is less appetizing than fast-food fare, and there's no cable TV. But can you point to a place in the Philippines where at 10:30am, you have the entire beach all to yourself, taking in the relaxing lapping of waves on the shore, the occasional passing of fishermen's boats, the azure mountains on the horizon, as you lay on the sand? Not in Borac, not in Cebu, nowhere but here. In fact, it's failure to attract visitors as a resort is the best reason to stay there.

jean said...

went to Laiya, White Cove this holy week and I was really disappointed. The place is nice but the crew is not so friendly. When we arrived, reception people were ok but they did not even offered to assist us, lead us to where we can wait till our room can be accommodated. Then, our dinner was served around 9pm already! Ang tagal ng set-up! It was by the beach and lighting was very poor, so you have to guess what kind of food is served. Our meal package is good for 3. We were served 3 viands (mixed veggies, 3 small pcs tilapia w/c i don’t even know what kind of sauce it has, 2cups rice, 2pcs small sliced watermelon & 2pcs small sized pineapple, 1 round softdrinks-coke/sprite). It was not good. Had I not requested the waiter for addtional food, that was our dinner “P316/head”. 2 liters of softdrinks was shared by around 20 people! The next day, my sis-in-law had breakfast first and she just got a small portion of food, when she returned at the breakfast buffet to get a second round, the crew told her that the buffet is only good for one round! Me and my hubby got our breakfast around 9am and there was no one there to serve/assist us. There were hardly no food left (tuna, egg, esp tocino-portioned into 3). Buffet lunch is by portion too! 1pc of each viand, though this time had 4 choices. Our ordered shakes/drinks took so long everytime as well as our ordered additional lunch. When we followed up, the crew we asked would not take responsibility in delivering our meals in our table (it was already labeled by my name and he said “di ko po alam yan!”. They knew they had a lot of guests, they should have added more crew to serve their guests! Or their few staffs could have been more friendly and accommodating. I felt they were very discriminating…sorry for the term but “yung feeling na ginugulangan mo sila” sa food…that they promote as “buffet” (1 time serving only and by portion!). We were suppose to have a relaxing weekend but instead got pissed with the kind of service we experienced at Laiya White Cove. I really want to pose this comment to warn guests who would go there… :(

Anonymous said...

ive been there too.. Siguro ill managed lang talaga or the UCPB doesnt invest too mmuch on it. sayang maganda talaga sya if only ayusin nila yung ibang part na unfinished.. it would be a great one kasi secluded sya from other resort.. i love the rooms

Anonymous said...

i was disappointed with their management. kc ang gulo! they are not organized. to think we spent our holy week there last year 2009, kulang ang staff. mula breakfast namen, merienda, even dinner! i ordered halo halo,isa lang. ako pa ang una umorder, 1 hour bago dumating saken. breakfast nila, they served it 8am. We took he buffet lunch also, it started past 12nn, ung mga guests waiting in line dahil ganun kapoor ang service nila. true! eto pa, nagkagulo pa sa resto nila kc sama sama ang bufffet and walk in clients na ala carte.. tsk, tsk.. they have a free dinner pag nagpabook ka but with addtl charge un.. eto na gabi na.. sabi 7pm. sinerved ang food, 8pm. hindi maganda, hindi din masarap ung food sa totoo lang.

Anonymous said...