Sunday, January 15, 2006

Hooters, Clarke Quay, Singapore

Rating: 11000
Just came from Hooters Singapore and this is definitely a much, much more conservative version of its original counterpart in the US.

When you enter the restaurant, there were two waitresses hula-hooping with not much success and the sad part is none of the patrons were even minding them! (It felt like one of those shows on the street where you're compelled to throw some spare change.) I'm not a master hula-hooper myself but I'm certain a little practice won't do them any harm.

Supposedly this place is famous for their girls and the sex appeal however I think on the night that I went, they sorely lacked the latter. Our waitress (clad in sports attire) didn't even engage us in conversation! She just gave a bored "what's your order?" so much for "delightfully tacky yet unrefined"!

I'm also pretty sure it's called Hooters not because they have big eyes but that doesn't seem the case in this Asian version! Man In a Suitcase was very generous when he described the ladies as "willowy"-- I'd say they were slender, lean, svelte and thin as we'd expect most Asian women to be. Bottom line is, if you're expecting well.. umm.. hooters, then this could be a bit of a disappointment.

However I was surprised to see that the place was pretty packed! Was it because of the food? I tried their legendary spicy chicken wings (which was disappointingly mild), steak (it was tender and tasty) and prawn/chicken/fries combo but frankly, nothing great.

In my opinion, this place was riding on its Hooters name alone whose essence and personality I think has been diluted. I give this two pawikans but bonus points for the great conversation I had that night and for our table which was right beside the river!

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