Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Nalu Beach (Bar), Scheveningen

Nalu Beach is smooth like a freshly powdered baby’s butt.
Plywood floorboards, wooden tables, comfy nylon chairs, muted lights, roaring open fires complemented by acid jazz/lounge-y beach music—these are the reasons why Nalu Beach Bar is one of my favorite hang-outs at Scheveningen Beach.

There’s just this laid back vibe about this place that I can’t quite put my finger on but picture this: sitting back with your legs up, the sun shining in your face as it casts its rays as it goes through its slow descent—blissful relaxation.

It's great during sunset but even better at night with the flickering fire and the accompanying shadow play. The food is average (burgers, fries, ribs, etc...) and the bar really isn't that big but I like the place anyway.

Must try: ask for the traditional Dutch kopstoot (roughly translated as headbutt)!

Conclusion: 0
Four pawikan points! Bonus points for the steady wait staff who are friendly, efficient and unobtrusive. Pay them a visit and tell bartenders Natasja and Sasja that reviewsbyp sent you.

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