Tuesday, January 01, 2008

How To Have a Romantic Getaway in Koh Samui, Thailand

"I get girl for you and you", the guy said while pointing to me and my friend Mark. Then he sees our other companion Louis, scrunches his brow and finally says with a flourish: "Lady-boy for you?"

grandfather rock at Koh SamuiI was invited at the last minute by Mark and Louis to join them for a long weekend in Koh Samui. It was a sausage fest but it was also a good chance for us to scout the place for some romantic spots when we come back with our girlfriends.

All three of us manly men shared a room at the affordable Weekender Resort whose front-desk staff were Filipinos! I recommend the resort because:Koh Samui Beach
  • Great location-- walking distance to shops, clubs and restaurants.

  • Clean rooms and toilets that passed my will-walk-barefoot test. Airconditioning, white sheets, tasteful decor, cable TV, slippers, beach towels, in-room safe and complimentary bottled water.

  • It's a beachfront resort with a pool!

  • Yummy breakfast buffet (bacon, porridge, fresh fruit, brewed coffee and eggs cooked on-demand)

  • A very helpful staff
So without further ado, here is my suggested itinerary for a romantic 2 days, 1 night stay at Koh Samui:
Take a leisurely, mid-morning stroll towards the west end of the beach to the Ananta Lamai Beach Resort. Once there, enjoy a traditional hour-long full-body massage or foot massage from the Just One therapists. The traditional massage combined with the great view and sound of the crashing waves is a very relaxing experience.

After your treatment, have a late lunch on top of the huge rock at Ananta Lamai. I recommend that Pad Thai noodles and clear Tom Yam. Nothing beats the view and the occassional cooling misty spray from the sea.

Walk towards grandfather and grandmother (they are huge, natural genitalia-shaped rock) and do some of your shopping at the stalls along the way. I bought some cool cotton pants for only THB300!
The Rock reggae barHave some drinks and chillax at The Rock reggae bar while waiting for the sunset. Try their excellent Pina Colada served in a fresh coconut!

At about 5:30, head on out, climb the huge rock beside it and watch the slowly setting sun while sipping your drink.

Walk by the seashore back to your hotel while you are bathed in the slowly fading light of dusk. Freshen up and have an outdoor dinner at the classy Samui Jasmine resort where you will be serenaded by a Filipino guitarist.

Cap the night by making a wish and lighting up a flying lantern (100THB). Watch it slowly disappear into the starry night as you walk back to your hotel.
Rating: 0
flying lanterns at Koh SamuiFour pawikan points! Bonus points for that funny restaurant guy who wanted to get us some girls and a lady-boy for good time. (We politely declined!)

Extra points because we went during the first week of December which was still off-peak season. Not too many people because it wasn't 100% sunny. It rained a lot but I still had a good romp on the seashore while the storm was beating down on me. It's been a long time since I last played in the rain.

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