Thursday, June 13, 2013

Photobooks by Fotosnaps Philippines

My recent encounter with Fotosnaps Philippines leaves much to be desired.

1. The voucher I purchased from their Facebook page arrived in my email 5 days after I paid for it instead of the advertised 2 days. (To work around this problem, you can upload your project and use payment method as "other". Then when you get the order number, mail their customer service and explain your situation to them. They have a way to start the process while waiting for the voucher number to be generated.)

2. I uploaded my photobook on May 31 and to this day June 13, it is still "in production".

3. When they find perceived errors in the resolution and brightness, they'll tell you to fix it yourself and even charge you a Php150 reprocessing fee! I asked their customer service via email how bright I should adjust it to but they could not answer. So even if I knew how to fix it, I had no idea if it would work until I reupload it.

To me, the concept of paying them a Php150 reprocessing fee for perceived errors they would like the customer to fix seems absurd.

Their customer service respond quickly via email but the delivery of the final product is unreliable. I was supposed to give mine as a wedding gift but the couple has already returned from their honeymoon and I still don't have the photobook!

 I will reserve awarding any pawikan points at this moment until I receive the final product. If the book itself is good, then i'll just give a few minus points for the service and advise you to place your order weeks ahead of time.

Update: And so it finally arrived exactly two weeks after the order was placed. The layflat book was wrapped in bubble wrap, in a cardboard box inside a plastic bag. The photos were superb and the earlier email asking me for an extra P150 to reprocess the "low resolution" and "dark photos" were certainly unnecessary.

Rating: 0  
The photobook itself was exactly how I designed it. Vivid colors on heavy paper, overall a good build quality. Minus points for the lousy order placement process. I would use them again but reset my expectations on speedy service.


Alfredo Geronimo said...

Hello , I have the exact same experience!! More than the 150php, I really don't know what they mean by low resolution/dark photos since the pictures I used were from a regular digital camera ---I don't have to adjust anything when I print them myself. And when I emailed to ask which pages I need to improve, I got a vague "many of the pictures were dark...I don't want to go through 40 pages worth of pictures to re edit. Do you think I should just say go ahead and print it without me re editing it? thanks!

p said...

Hey Alfredo.. don't change it anymore! As long as it looks good to you have them print it exactly the way it is.

K. Montesclaros said...

I'm having the same problems with them too. My project was uploaded June 5 and as per the vouchers I got from Metrodeal, they were supposed to deliver the photobooks within 7 days and its already the 29th. They said there were errors too and asking me to Pay 150 for me to edit my projects and reload again. I told them I used the "Check Project" from their dropdown menu but it says "no errors found." And not to mention I have 4 photobooks to edit again. NO WAY! So I just told them to do the editing or print as it is. Still waiting for the finished projects...