Thursday, April 13, 2006

Balcony Bar, Singapore

Rating: 11100
I was surfing the net looking for some nice clubs in Singapore and I came across Balcony Bar's stylish website. They should've also created an HTML version of the site instead of having it done fully in flash so minus points for that... Anyway this looked like my kind of place and so I went over to 260 Orchard road right beside the Heeren and decided to see if the club was good as its website.

I was there at about 9ish in the evening and I entered through the Orchard road entrance (pictured in the photo.) Just one look and I could tell that this would be one laidback place-- the seats up front were styled like swings but looked a bit uncomfortable and i'm sure the girls in miniskirts (as well as the guys walking by) had to constantly watch where they placed their legs!

The furniture of this place is interesting-- you sit on rocking chairs and there are pillows on swings that line one side of the place. Flat screen televisions are suspended on either end and at the night I was there, they were showing a soccer match.

There was a relatively young crowd the night I was there. The table to my right looked like yuppies from work and they were just chit-chatting over glasses of wine. To my left was a double date of some highschool kids. It was actually kinda cute because they weren't really talking to each other; the girls were engrossed with their mobile phones and the guys were watching the game on the telly. What surprised me was that they were smoking at such young ages! I'm not a stranger to highschool kids smoking (we've got a lot of those in the Philippines) but I was surprised that Singapore wouldn't be too strict about it.

The music in the place started out very well-- a mix of chill out, ambient and beach house music however as my dinner progressed, suddenly turned into 70's retro! When they started playing Michael Jackson, I started to get a bit worried. Hehehe.

Anyway, I ordered the Mediterranean fish and wedges and a glass of their house white wine. Both were very ordinary and I guess that's all I have to say about that! For dessert, I had a frozen watermelon Margarita with a sugar rimmed glass-- that was my favorite part of my meal as it was sweet and refreshing on this humid night. Oh yeah, the groundfloor isn't airconditioned. I spent a little over S$40 for everything-- pretty reasonable for Singapore's standards.

The service was pretty quick but nothing exceptional. The servers weren't particularly friendly but they were courteous and did their job of bringing the food/drinks/bill in a timely fashion. Nothing more, nothing less.

Three pawikan points for this ordinary dinner. Maybe next time I should go a bit later (say 12ish?) and head over to the chill-out balcony upstairs.

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