Saturday, April 29, 2006

Dinner at Friday's, Boracay

Rating: 11000
Can you eat a sundae on Monday?

Or more importantly, can you have a Friday's buffet on a Sunday?

This is the question we sought to answer as we took a leisurely half kilometer stroll on the fine, low-tide sandy beach of Boracay towards the legendary Friday's buffet.

Unfortunately, they only have the Friday's buffet on Fridays (oo nga naman) and tonight was Tempura Kaiseki night. What the hell, we were there anyway so we decided to stay and try some Japanese.

This is the closest thing you could get to a fancy dinner-- al fresco dining with white tablecloths, attentive waiters and the calm sound of splashing waves. Relaxing because of the setting but a great ambience doesn't excuse a poor meal!

It was a set meal-- Sashimi, Yakimono and either almond & lychee or fresh fruits for dessert. The portions were incredibly small, the taste was so-so and the almond & lychee dessert was out of stock so I had to settle for the pathetic "fresh fruits" dessert which was half a banana (cut lengthwise), a small triangular slice of watermelon and a couple of cubed cantaloupe.

This dinner for two set me back a little more than php1000! For this price, I could have eaten for two days at D'mall! Definitely poor value for money.

Two pawikan points for this disappointing Japanese set meal at Friday's. Maybe their buffet would've be better.

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agent a said...

yeah.. sad to say! fridays is definitely over-priced... not worth it!

teriyaki boy serves better tasting food than them!