Saturday, May 06, 2006

Le Restaurant at Crazy Horse Paris, Singapore

Rating: 1111
I've never been to a nudie show before [cough cough] and so one fine Saturday night, I got dragged (willingly, i might add!) to Crazy Horse Paris, Singapore which is the largest venue of its kind in the world! Oh what an experience it was!

This post is about the dinner at the restaurant so if you're interested in the show itself, read this post instead.

Before the 10:15pm show started, we decided to do have dinner at Le Restaurant, the fine dining resto adjacent to the theater. The place was surprisingly empty and we were the only patrons that night!

For starters, I had the wild mushroom soup that was served in a cup and was meant to be sipped like coffee-- no spoons! The soup wasn't as hot as I wanted it to be but it was very tasty with strong hints of garlic. For my main course, I had cod fish on a bed of potato wedges and Agent A had the scallops with fennel. The portions were fine-dining sized (read: small) and tasty but there wasn't really anything grand about it except probably for the price (S$120 for the whole meal) but plus points for the plating.

I'd also like to give special mention to the ridiculously expensive S$7 bottle of Panna water imported from Italy which is the most expensive water I've ever drank. The cost of this bottle is more than the daily minimum wage of a worker in the Philippines!

(BTW, It tasted like my faucet water.) Back to Le Restaurant...

The place is lavishly decorated and everything was trimmed in red! The carpet, the walls, everything! So if you ever decide to eat here, wear a different color or else the waiters might not notice you. Because of the mirrors all around, the place looks deceptively large but I estimate that it will comfortably sit about 80 people. The service was efficient but then again, we were the only ones eating there! If you want to impress a date, bring her here but for real food, eat at Jumbo Seafood instead which is just a 10 minute walk away.

Four pawikan points for Le Restaurant, plus points because of the beautiful interiors that's perfect for photo ops!

Tomorrow, I'll review the Crazy Horse Paris show itself so come back tomorrow or subscribe to my feed!

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