Sunday, May 07, 2006

Singapore's Lush 99.5 FM vs. Philippines' Jam 88.3 FM

Rating: 11110.5
Lush 99.5 is easily my favorite radio station in Singapore. They describe their music as "a luxurious mix of chill-out, adult urban and nu-jazz" which is a very exact description of what they play!

They only play chill-out, ambient house, and urban contemporary music-- perfect while driving, working in the office or at the gym which is basically where most of us listen to the radio. Since there is minimal talk and no commercials, who needs an MP3 player?

One gripe I have is that since there's minimal DJ talk, they rarely announce what the current song is. You have to send them an SMS (S$0.30 per message) and they'll respond with the current track.

The closest radio station I can compare Lush to is the Philippines' Jam 88.3 which has a better website, more variety in its playlist but has chattier DJ's and more commercials. Don't get me wrong about Jam though, among the rest of the FM stations in Manila, these guys have the least talk and most music. Plus, every Sunday's Jam Sessions gives new musicians a chance to be heard.

Four and a half pawikans for Lush 99.5 and extra points for playing my favorite song, Desert Sunrise by Brett Dennen!


Anonymous said...

In the states they have a new mobile technology .. just call a number to record the song currently playing ... then it will text to you the name of song and artist. cool huh!!

Anonymous said...
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jamie said...

haha came across this while desperately searching for what songs they play!! well thanks for the uncool tip (that i have to pay to know what song im currently listening to)anyway, in a weird way, that comforts me that i will know somehow. haha. and i highly do agree, the absence of unecessary talking is music in itself. quite relieved my ears get to rest from hearing singlish (hehe). and yes, this does remind me of 88.3 and the short-lived station we had in pinas, 92.3 or something, 91? i cant remember, its' life was too short i guess. but it was awesome as well. well thanks for this. here's to good music in singapore, finally..;-)