Saturday, May 06, 2006

Crazy Horse Paris, Singapore

Rating: 11111
I've never been to a nudie show before [cough cough] and so one fine Saturday night, I got dragged (willingly, i might add!) to Crazy Horse Paris, Singapore which is the largest venue of its kind in the world! Oh what an experience it was!

Crazy Horse is a French Cabaret which features nude European women performing on stage. Now before you get the wrong idea, let me tell you that this is not your run of the mill stripshow but is something classier akin to a broadway musical.

The ticket I got cost $87 and was inclusive of one drink and a bowl of wasabi peanuts. The theater isn't that big and is oddly shaped like a rectangle with the long sides parallel to the stage. I was about 5 meters from the stage however I was seated by the edge so sometimes I couldn't see them if they were dancing near the wings. Like the restaurant (which I reviewed in a previous post), everything is trimmed in red and was lush lush lush! During the 15 minute intermission, I went to check out the bathroom and the walls were brushed metal-- they were so shiny that they almost seemed like mirrors. Kinky! (but nice.)

On to the show-- it's composed of sixteen "mini-shows" and they're basically live music videos with nude (topless + skimpy thongs) women dancing. I was expecting Singaporean performers but I was surprised that they were all European; Plus they all looked the same! Same height, same hair, same shape!

My favorite performance had a sultry woman lip-synching a sexy sexy french song as she stripped and slinked up and down a couch shaped like a bright red pair of lips. All I could understand from the french was the word s├ęduction and if seduction could have a body, it would be her. The song she performed was an excellent choice: full of throaty purrs and growls and verrrry seductive. Rawr!

The audio of the theater surely helped the performance and I would dare-say that it approached hi-fi quality! Every breath, every nuance of the different songs were faithfully reproduced with a very warm sound and a convincing soundstage!

The show was pure eye-candy and because of the fantastic lights, most of the time, I couldn't even tell if the performers were nude. The picture above isn't just a stylized version of the performance but is actually what it looks like! The theater is pitch black (no photography allowed!) and the playful lights are perfectly choreographed with the dancers such that you think you're in a dream. So if you're expecting porn, stay home and watch a DVD as I think this would get a PG-13 rating.

Five pawikans for Crazy Horse-- bonus points for the intro (God Save Our Bareskin) which had the women marching and stomping in military boots providing an oh-so-yummy contrast between soft, supple flesh and tough masculine military drills. If you ever swing by Singapore, this show is a must-see.


agent a said...

tssss.. it was my idea to watch the cancan show at crazy horse!!!


Dave Rudin said...

I saw the show at the Crazy Horse Saloon in Paris in 2001 and have seen the Las Vegas staging of the showshow, La Femme, several times. (It's the one show I see once a year in Las Vegas...LOL)

I have never been to Singapore but when I do go I'll be certain to see the Crazy Horse show there. "God Save Our Bareskin" has opened the show every time, and I've seen "Lecons de Seduction" - the one with the red sofa and song that you like so much - several times if not every time. I guess these are classic routines that are in every show.

I am just puzzled by your writing that it's PG-13 and that you can't really tell if the dancers are nude. In the other two venues, it's very obviously an R-rated show.

As you said, this is a very artistic and tastefully done show and will disappoint those expecting a down and dirty bump & grind.

p said...

thanks for the comment Dave but unfortunately, the Crazy Horse show in Singapore has been closed due to lack of interest. =(