Saturday, July 01, 2006

"Manila High" by Kala

Rating: 11111

With its playful electric piano, wah-wah guitars and oh-so-grrroovy beat, Kala (supposedly short for kalabasa) has that quintessential 70's Pinoy vibe but gives it a modern treatment that's a very refreshing change from today's bubblegum pop.

When I had a friend of mine listen to a couple of songs, he remarked "dapat yung mga ganitong banda ang sikat eh"

And rightfully so! Their music touches a chord not just because of the oh-so-Pinoy themes they sing about but also because of the laid-back, steady and smooth feel.

Jeepney captures the grit, glamour and that possibility of finding someone. The words are stark and honest and they draw you into a story. No brooding, existential and pseudo-intellectual banter which is why it's such a fun song! How can you not listen to a song that begins with: "Excuse me miss, mawalang galang na.. kanina pa kita kasi napapansin. Magkakilala ba tayo?"

Check out Kala at multiply, Kala at Friendster, watch a music video or join their mailing list. Don't take my word that they've got great music so listen to their songs but make sure to support Pinoy talent and buy the album!

Five pawikan points for Kala! Plus points because guitarist JP Tanchanco is a La Sallian. Extra points because of Brian Tanchanco's playful keyboard stylings.

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Anonymous said...

Lots of events coming to Singapore this month I read. Looking forward to your reviews.