Saturday, August 12, 2006

Fireworks Festival at Marina Bay

Rating: 11110

Last Tuesday, I hopped over to the Esplanade to catch Team Singapore's fireworks show as part of the National Day celebrations.

As this was my first time, I didn't really know where to go for the best view but i can tell you one thing-- the place was packed and I ended up squeezing myself somewhere across Glutton's bay which I think was a great choice.

It was near enough that i was even hit by small specks of paper from the pyrotechnics and there were times that my whole field of vision was filled with the colors exploding in the sky.. but it was also far enough from the mob that it afforded me a quick exit when the masses started their exodus towards the MRT station.
Since I enjoyed Tuesday's show, I decided to check out Team New Caledonia earlier this evening.

This time, I scouted for a new location so I could get decent photographs. I chanced upon Bacchus Boathouse wine bar and I went up to their balcony, ordered a cold Tiger beer ($10) and sat back in comfort as the show unfolded before my eyes.

Unlike last Tuesday's show, I got to hear the music this time! There wasn't any difference to me in terms of beauty and impressiveness because I couldn't "feel" the choreography of the fireworks with the music but it was a treat for the eyes nonetheless.

Four pawikan points for the pretty pyrotechnics. Plus points because I realized that I spent a three hour commute for a fifteen minute show. (Ahhh... the things I do when I've got nothing better to do.)

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