Sunday, August 13, 2006

"You arrived sometime ago. So ummm.. you're here!" EH? Ano daw???

Rating: 10000
singapore idol logoIf there's someone who should be booted out from season 2 of Singapore Idol, it's that third Judge Jacintha!

She doesn't know how to end her sentences, she looks uncomfortable, she's incoherent, coming close to babbling unintelligibly and when she's not doing that, she fills the airtime with awkward, uncomfortable silences! Ack! What a disaster!

Her take on Jay in the wildcard performance: "Ummm 3 quarters of you is there.. its just a little bit of holding back which is too cold for me.. so umm. i just wish you'd just give it everything. but it was quite felt."

She just doesn't make any sense.

Here's what she said on Mathilda's jazz performance: "you arrived some time ago. so umm... youre here... and umm... i just wanted to see a different facet. because we know you can.. .we know you can give it to us. ahh i wanted to... i wanted to see something... yeah... a little... perhaps a little less dramatic."

Well if you think about it, that kinda makes sense. Since you arrived, you must already be... you know... here!

She finally ran out of things to say with Rahima's performance: "Your intensisty is great. your passion always overrides your.. your. .your uh.. ability to... make it not so technical. ha! happy national day!"


One pawikan point. I originally thought of just giving half a point but Twohill is entertaining (even if he can't sing), Mathilda's a good singer (even if she doesn't have that x-factor) and because I think Hady will win.

(BTW, it seems that I'm not the only one who feels this way about our illustrious judges. Check out Mr Brown's, the stomp forum, and Lucky Tan's take on Ken Lim.) If you want to watch some real talent unfold, check out Philippine Idol videos on youtube courtesy of Bituin and simoncowell26.


simply me said...

wehehe. e kasi naman yung mga iju-judge den na contestants parang ang hirap purihin dahil wala man talaga magaling na magaling. kumabaga sa pinoy standards e pang videoke lang sa bahay mga boses nila. baka kaya hirap na hirap sya tapusin sentence nya.
in fairness ha, ang tyaga mo manood! hehe

P said...

hahaha! i just watch it on youtube to catch jacintha's inane comments.