Monday, December 11, 2006

Zouk Out 2006 (part 2)

Rating: 1110.50
(This is part two. Read the first part of Zouk Out 2006 here.)
Apparently I had stumbled upon the Mambo Jambo arena which explains why they were playing err-- the best of the 80's (yeah baby!). The theme from ghostbusters was a nice touch and I had to resist the urge to do the dance step from the movie (lest I betray that I am a child of the 80's...) So I quickly moved on to the next stage before they decide to play some New Kids On The Block.

The Atmosphere
The Zouk team did a great job of setting up a carnival atmosphere. Tents lined either side of the beach offering the usual suspects: food, drink, henna tattoo, massage, palm reading and trampoline jumping (!). Corporate sponsors Intel, CK, Singnet and Subraru (to name a few) also had booths showcasing their wares. Of course there was also the velvet-roped VIP lounge to remind us that there are people and then there are Very Important People.

I specially liked the fun roving stilt-walkers dressed in funky space-age, superhero and alien costumes. There was also a pair of African-tribe-ish ati-atihanish looking men pounding on drums who would invite you to drum along with them. There was even this Indian gentleman who got so high that he tore his shirt into pieces while grooving to the drumsong. (Plus points for authentic hairy chest).

On to the Live Stage...
Electrico was on stage and finally after so many months here in Singapore, I've heard some serious Singaporean rock! From their name, I figured that they'd be playing electronica but it was old fashioned guitars, drums and keyboards coupled with solid vocals from David Tan.

You know how rock is supposed to provide the soundtrack of your youth? Well my first impression of Electrico is that their songs are hard to become anthems-- you know like Eraserheads' Pare Ko or Rivermaya's Kisapmata? It's definitely rockable but the meaning is hard to understand and don't tell stories that you could relate to. But then again I only heard a 40 minute set and I didn't grow up here so I could be wrong...

After the set, I spied some ledges packed with people so I went over to the main arena where lo and behold-- The DJ Steve Lawler was spinning.

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