Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Zouk Out 2006 (part 3)

Rating: 1110.50
(This is part three. Read about the pre-party in part one and the high guy who ripped his shirt in part two)
Four time DJ Awards winner in Ibiza, Steve Lawler was definitely The DJ god tonight. And I make apt references to religion because he wove an almost spiritual musical experience-- people were hardly talking with each other and most were immersed in their own little worlds having private conversations with drum and bass only stopping to raise their hands and whoop whenever Steve Lawler would slip a catchy hook.

(On second thought, this can't be religion because I've never seen this much people in church!)

Steve Lawler's set had repetitive, hypnotic beats; definitely deep, definitely dark but not sexy enough for me. I would have preferred more vocals, more tribal and less progressive but i'm old school. (Music is relative anyway). But if there's one thing I can say without a doubt is that he had the best visuals.

Spinning in front of a giant light wall (check out the video) which was pulsating in perfect time to the music combined with artificial fog and and lasers made for a verrry trippy effect. He put Sentosa's 6pm laser-lights exhibition to shame and made the Merlion's eyes look like puny laser pointers! It seems unfair that the other arenas did not have as much firepower as this one.

Sausage fest!
Oh yeah and back to the ledge-- sad to say, they were all dominated by guys! All shirtless some with chiselled bodies, some rolling with fat, some in tight skimpy swimming trunks but all oily, all sweaty, all beastly. Ugh. Where I come from, only beautiful creatures are supposed to be up on ledges. We want to see soft, flawless beauty-- not hairy, grunting beasts. (I should've asked that bouncer from Cookie to come over and enforce the male:female ratio on the ledge.)

So I started to look around and out of the corner of my eye, I saw some men in boxers on stage and what looked like the beginning of a brawl!

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