Friday, October 27, 2006

Cookie, Melbourne

Rating:0/5 00000
According to my city guide, Cookie is the quintessential warehouse-style big disco. I imagine it to be something akin to Singapore's Ministry of Sound. However i'll have to leave the inside of Cookie to my imagination because the huge, European-looking bouncer did not let me in.

Yup. He didn't let me in on grounds that 'there are already too many guys inside. Sausage fest. Sorry mate.' Now WTF kind of a reason is that?

I was in an ordinary pair of blue jeans, collared shirt and jacket, the same attire that got me courteous, excellent service at the posh Deanery. If I were taller, whiter and looked more expensive, would there still have been too many guys inside?

Zero points. I've never given a zero before, but then again, i've never been denied entry to a club before because of the delicate gender equilibrium had been upset. Looking back, I guess I was fortunate not to have stepped into Cookie because then I wouldn't have stumbled upon Tony Starr's Kitten Club!

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