Saturday, October 21, 2006

Il Primo Posto Kouzina, Riverside Quay, Melbourne

Rating:3/5 11100
It was a beautiful day out so I decided to walk along riverside quay and have lunch beside the river at Il Primo Posto. (Bldg 2, #4 riverside quay, southbank victoria 3006. 9682 6841)

I ordered their 300g porterhouse steak ($25.50) topped with caramelized onions and served on a bed of mashed potatoes. The plating of the steak could still be improved as it looked like they just slopped the whole lot on the plate.

The steak was tender, mildly flavoured and it hit the spot. Laman tiyan is how I would describe it in Filipino. (Still doesn't compare to the best steak I've ever had at the Cottonwood grille in Idaho)

Three pawikan points. Plus points for the "i'm-eating-al-fresco-under-a sunny-spot-enjoying the-cool-breeze" vibe.

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