Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Automatic Cafe at the Crown Casino, Southbank, Melbourne

Rating:3.5/5 1110.50
Automatic Cafe has a funny ring to it because from where I come from, Automatic is a place we buy our electronic appliances! Nevertheless, I took my colleague's advice and dropped by this place to have dinner al fresco.

I can't quite put my finger on this place's vibe-- it 's not a date place or a cafe in that usual 'let's talk over coffee' sense... it just struck me as a nice place to eat.

I took a seat outside overlooking the Yarra river. There's not much of a view since you're on the ground floor and the tall trees that line the river obscure your view but it's a great place to sit and people-watch.

I ordered lamb rump (AUD$24.90) and a glass of Mr Frog Cabernet Shiraz (made in the Yarra Valley of course). I picked that one from their wine list simply because Mr Frog is a funny name for a glass of wine described as "rich, spicy w/ a powerful finish."

This was the best lamb i've had in Melbourne-- surprisingly tender, flavorful, the portion was just right and it went well with Mr Frog.

The staff was efficient, courteous and were always on hand even if I sat out of the way in a corner outside.

Three and a half pawikan points. If you decide to have dinner al fresco, prepare yourself for the surprisingly loud whooshing din of the Crown's fireball display which happens every thirty minutes.

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