Friday, October 20, 2006

Little Lygon, Lygon St., Melbourne

Rating:3/5 11100
I've heard so much about Melbourne's "Little Italy" district and I had to see it for myself. So I walked to Lygon street and I was pleasantly surprised! It was maybe a two kilometer stretch of road peppered left and right with Italian restaurants, pubs and gelato shops.

Because of the overwhelming number of choices, most places had friendly "greeters" enticing you to dine in their restaurant. Some offered a free beverage of your choice but Little Lygon was the only one I saw that gave a free bottle of wine for each pair that dined with them. I saw a group of six people who were all smiles when the servers brought them three bottles of red! Granted that these obviously aren't your expensive wines, we amateurs who can't tell the difference enjoy it anyway.

Since I was dining alone, I got a glass of red for free. To go with it, I ordered the mediteranean scallops (AUD$28.50). The service was friendly and efficient and it was a joy to watch the greeter get into his sales pitch to convince people to eat at Little Lygon.

In the middle of my meal, I noticed that one of the waiters took a quick cigarette break. After finishing a stick, he resumed his duties without even washing his hands. Tsk tsk. Minus points for that.

Three pawikan points for Little Lygon. I realize that I only decided to eat here because of the free wine. hehehe. I'd bring my barkada here to have a quick bite to eat or get inebriated while watching people walk by.

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