Thursday, October 19, 2006

Cafe E Biscotti, Little Collins St., Melbourne

Rating: 11100
I got off the Flinders street train station and was wandering around looking for a charming place to eat when I came upon this little alley way called Block Place along Little Collins St.

It's a row of about five cafes and If you were lucky enough to be seated by about 8pm, you would be serenaded by a guitar toting duo. Unfortunately, I got there a bit past 9 and they were already packing up.

So I cozied up under the outdoor heaters of C&B (phone number 9550 7706), ordered their house white wine (AUD$5.50) and their fish of the day, barramundi fillet (AUD$23.50)

The service was so-so, the fish was fresh but the portion was a little too small for me. The taste was so-so... nothing to rave about.

Three pawikan points for a medicore dining experience. Plus points because of the alley way ambience.

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