Friday, October 27, 2006

The Deanery Wine Reserve, Melbourne

Rating: 11110
The Deanery served me the best porterhouse steak meal I've had here in Melbourne. Served on a parmesan polenta with porcini relish (AUD$34), grilled asparagus (AUD$8) and a glass of a Cape D'Estaing red wine (AUD$8.50). The flavors were new to me so it was like there was a party in my mouth and everyone was invited!

The Deanery doubles as a wine bar where I spied upon some fashionably dressed people. When I entered, I wasn't sure if they served dinner but the bartender was all smiles and he ushered me to their dining area up on the second floor.

It was actually their wine cellar (is it still a cellar if it's on the second floor?). The climate-controlled wine room lined the full length of the room separated only by floor-to-ceiling glass. I could see the boxes and bottles stacked rather disorderly, but its industrial look complemented the white table cloths, bare ceiling and the single-flower-in-a-vase that each table had.

Four pawikan points. Visit them at 13 Bligh Place. It's a small alley seemingly cut into the street and it's easy to miss so pay attention. If you get lost, give them a call at 9629 5599.


javi said...

I only count 3.5 pawikans in the graphics, but 4 and a half in the article. what's the final verdict?

P said...

errr.. very good! I was just checking if you were paying attention. Half a pawikan point for you!