Saturday, October 21, 2006

Il Tempo, Flinders St., Melbourne

Rating:4/5 11110
Inconspicuously tucked into Degraves Street, Il tempo Bar Caffe Bruschetteria shop is the reason why I like getting lost in Melbourne-- that thrilling rush when I find some place new and exclaim: panalo 'to!!

I just stopped to have a look at the plain white, ordinary menu displayed outside when a greeter asked me if I wanted to come in and try their lasagna.

Of course I wanted to try it! That happens to be one of my favorite dishes and I've got high standards for lasagna.

Il Tempo is small and cozy with only about 50 or so seats. As it was dinner time, the place was full and patrons had to share tables which further enhanced that intimate vibe. The impressive wall of wine, wood trim and the handwritten menu on the blackboard was just charming! Perfect for a nice quiet dinner with your significant other.

I ordered the lasagna (AUD$27.50) and a glass of chardonnay from the friendly belgian waitress who was embarassed and apologetic of her having to move me from my window seat (it was reserved) to share a table with other diners. I hoped that she'd give me a complimentary glass for all the 'trouble' it caused me but no such luck. Hehehe.

My food arrived and suffice to say that it was the best lasagna i've ever had. Period. The cheese, the layers, the pasta, the vegetables, everything was perfect and I ate it slowly, savouring each bite.

Four pawikan points for Il Tempo. A definite must-see, must-eat if you're in Melbourne. Tell them Reviews By P sent you and revel in their blank look.


agent a said...

bring me to australia! i want to see the real authentic australian surfer dudes!


P said...

i went to see the real authentic surfer dudes but they were in wetsuits! disappointing. mwehehehe!

allyson said...

I used to work in the kitchen.
The food here is sooo delicious and the owner is a real charmer!
I loved being in the restaurant....they really make you feel like family!

p said...

thanks for the comment allyson-- maybe you were part of the team who prepared my fantastic lasagna last year!