Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A fly in my meal at No Signboard Seafood: Conclusion

Rating: 110.500
This is the conclusion. Read how I almost drank a fly in part one of this two-part series.
Incredulous looks all around, i think they were going through their own versions of Kubler-Ross when finally finally they decided to take some action--The staff shrugged it off and offered me another beer.

Errr... I wasn't that drunk yet! That fly could have come from anywhere! From the tap dispensing the beer or the kitchen that washed the mug. Heck, if it got into the beer, it could also be in my food! Who knows what deep-fried houseflies could taste like-- would they be crunchy , too? Maybe they could taste like spicy baby squid.

Up to this point, I had heard no apologies yet. Best I got was the explanation that the fly must have fallen from the sky and that they'd replace the beer free of charge. (duh.)

Exasperated, I told the staff (yes, all of them because there was no single point of contact, no one in charge) that I had lost my appetite and that I would not be eating there tonight. I took my bag and walked out into the cool night.

Then I was approached by a waitress and she told me that I still hadn't paid for the appetizer I ordered. I looked at her, did my best dood-are-you-serious look (complete with eyebrow raise) and flat out told her that I'm sorry but I would do no such thing.

At a loss, she turned to the greeter, Ivy, and she told me that I had ordered and that I should pay. I smiled a perplexed and almost tortured smile and told her that if she insisted, I would pay but I would do so under protest.

She gave me this grouchy look, a forced never mind and waved me away.

This would have been the perfect time to demonstrate some great customer service. The staff could have turned this setback into their advantage and showed me what world-class Singaporean service is all about. Here's how I wanted it to play out:

  • First of all, instead of acting like headless chicken, there would have been someone in charge.
  • This person would have acted embarassed and apologized profusely for this pornographic lapse in food safety.
  • I would be given reassurances that this won't happen again; my meal that night would have been free and I would have been given a $500 voucher to come and eat there again.
  • And on the next day, they'd send me a 'sorry' card and a bottle of wine just to say thank you for remaining a customer.
Alas, none of that sort happened. Not even an offer for a free dessert. Ivy even wanted me to pay for the $10 appetizer.

Two and a half pawikan points. I was tempted to give them a zero but I think I would eat here again because this is Agent A's favorite chili crab and they serve the best deep-fried baby squid. I'll just make sure to check my mug before I sip.


R.O.S.E. said...

hahahaha!!! =D talk about customer service! kapal ng mukha, di man lang nagsorry!

p said...

ayyyy nakalimutan ko palang ikuwento nung nakakita naman ako ng bubwit sa may Mongolian Grill booth sa 6750. Mala-mickey mouse ang dating. yuck!