Sunday, January 21, 2007

Mel Gibson's Apocalypto

Rating: 11100
Apocalypto is what you get when you cross The Predator, Fugitive and Lost.

A good portion of it is a lot of men in g-strings running around in a forest trying to chase another man in a g-string. (If you like man-ass flesh, you're in for a treat.) As the movie nears the end, the hunters predictably become the hunted.

There's a lot of blood and gore-- freshly taken hearts (still beating!) raised into the air, skull smashing, blood squirting (ala Kill Bill), beheading, testicle eating (no joke!), bludgeoning, spearing... oh and this being Mel Gibson, it's in a foreign language (Yukatek Maya) so you've got to read the subtitles.

Three pawikan points. Go and watch with your guy friends because this is definitely not a make-out movie. It's supposed to be a "political allegory about civilizations in decline". Ummm whatever. I don't know about that but I know that this is exactly the type of film my dad would enjoy-- a simple plot, no need to think and lots of action.

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agent a said...

i haven't seen the preview yet or read anything about the movie...

your entry makes the movie seem like an adult version of lord of the flies.

errr... instead of boy flesh, you see man flesh. hahaha!