Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Hiking at Bukit Timah

Rating: 1110.50
Compared with MacRitchie Reservoir, Bukit Timah is an easier trek that all ages will enjoy.
Inspired by the last exhilirating hike up to the MacRitchie Treetop walk, I took along Zan The Mountain Man and on a fine Saturday morning, we took the bus to Bukit Timah.

I packed a liter of water, a peanut butter sandwich, bananas (for potassium), an apple and extra shirt. The night before, I carbo-loaded a lot of noodles to give me the extra energy for the hike.

The first kilometer was the hardest-- it's an uphill climb of a very, very steep incline. I was huffing and puffing feeling like such an elite athlete but then I looked around and saw...

And Uncles. And lots more elderly folk, some with canes and walkers, leisurely strolling and not even breaking any sweat! Add to that the young kids who were running up and down and you can probably tell how ridiculous I felt with my backpack of food and water!

So to make a long story short, it was definitely a shorter and easier hike compared to MacRitchie and you could probably complete the whole thing in less than 3 hours.

There's not much to see but trees, trees and the ocassional monkey. because of all the trees, I couldn't find a spot where you could have an uninterrupted vista of Singapore so don't count on a beautiful panoramic photo.

3.5 pawikan points. bring an extra shirt because it's humid. If you're hiking with a special someone, check out the "South View Hut" which is conducive for an impromptu picnic and a little QT *wink wink*.
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