Sunday, March 04, 2007

Hiking at MacRitchie Reservoir Park

Rating: 1110.50
Yes there are hills and mountains in Singapore and they're easy enough for beginners to climb.
Cris and I packed our bags with bottled water, sandwiches, fresh fruit and a huge noodle breakfast (carbo loading!) then we hopped on a bus and got off at Bukit Timah.

Our plan was to check out the view from the Treetop walk. So right about noon, we started our 10km trek starting at Lornie road following route 3 (the blue route on the map)

There wasn't much scenery except for trees, trees, more trees and the occasional monkey. You don't feel the sun's heat because of the tree canopy but you will work up a sweat because it's humid, humid, humid.

It's an easy hike with just a slight incline and you'll be fine if you walk slow. You'll tire not because of the slopes but because it's such a long walk and it's very, very humid.

The treetop walk provides a great psychological boost because it serves as the "peak" and you can then finally say "I've made it!". It's not for the acrophobic and make sure you bring your balls right before you cross because it's a narrow bridge and there's no turning back.

Three and a half pawikan points. Great cardiovascular workout but if you want a shorter walk, start from Venus Drive instead of MacRitchie reservoir park. I won't recommend bringing kids below 10 years old unless you want to carry them.

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