Sunday, May 13, 2007

Crazy Pianos, Scheveningen

Crazy Pianos by the boulevard at Scheveningen has talented pianists but so-so food.
Among the many many pubs along Scheveningen, Crazy Pianos is the only one that's got decent live music and is packed late at night.

Every evening there are pairs of keyboardists that entertain the audience by playing requests and making playful banter. It's amusing because the Dutch ask for some pretty strange songs and it's quite an experience to hear Tom Jones' Sex Bomb and the Theme From Baywatch being played on a piano.

My favorite performers are Kevin Owen from Canada and James Byron from UK. They're very good if they manage to finish a song but half the time they're clowning around and trying their hardest to get the audience to sing along.

The food is average but comes in huge portions so sharing is not such a bad idea. A three course dinner costs about EUR20 and I had the tuna appetizer, fried fish over pasta and a berry dessert thingie. Nothing fancy.

Conclusion:3.5/5 1110.50
Three and a half pawikan points. Minus points for those of us who can't speak Dutch because the performers are bilingual and switch between Dutch and English. It's free entrance before 9pm but the place fills up pretty quickly so if you decide to visit, come early.
To get here, take tram 9, alight at the Kurhaus stop and walk towards the beach. Crazy Pianos will be along the boulevard.

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Anonymous said...

don't go there.

need to pay 10 euros entrance, while there's nothing to do!!!