Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Jessica Zafra Reviews Coffee in Manila

According to one of my favorite Filipino writers, Jessica Zafra, she has been drinking "four to five 8 oz cups a day since childhood." I'd say this will make her a pretty good judge of coffee and in her blog she reviews some popular and obscure coffee joints in Manila in a few words:

  • UCC - "...expensive but worth it."
  • Starbucks - "...weak and tastes burnt"
  • Via Mare, Pancake House, Gloria Jean’s— "...bleccch"
  • "You know who has good coffee? Dunkin Donuts"
  • Panciteria Lido - "...excellent cup"

Maybe drinking coffee makes her a better writer. For example, read about her surreal encounter with a sampaguita vendor. It's got a disturbing surprise ending.

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