Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Nose, Cape Town

The Nose has fantastic food, a cozy ambience and a good selection of wines by the glass.
As I was surveying the clump of restaurants at the Cape Quarter, the specials of The Nose which written on a small black-board caught my attention: Zebra carpaccio and a veal stew in an ossobuku sauce served with vegetables and mustard mash.

I've neither had Zebra nor ossobuku before so I sat down to try it. To make a long story short, I was not disappointed. The carpaccio had a weird gamey aftertaste but i wolfed it down anyway. The veal melts in your mouth, very tender, very tasty. Perfect meal for winter and reasonably priced.

I returned a couple of weeks later and the special of the day was warthog with stewed apples. I've never hard this before but it is the dish with which I will measure all future warthog meals. The meat was almost falling of the bone and the sweet stewed apple made the perfect complement!

For dessert, I tried the Diemersfontein pinotage 2006-- a very strange wine for me because of the very bold taste of chocolate and coffee! This was also my first time to try the sweet-as-honey Simonsig Gewurztraminer. Yum.

Four pawikan points! Bonus points for our Xhosa-speaking waiter Thando and his quirky sense of humour. Come and visit for dinner-- depending on the night, they've got a jazz pianist, ladies night and free wine tasting.

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