Saturday, February 25, 2006

Blithe Spirit by Knock 'Em Dead Productions

Rating: 11110
Knock Em Dead Productions has this dinner-theater concept where you sit down for dinner and after your main course, they stage a play and in the intermission, they'll serve dessert! I went to watch but of course I ate at home so I could save $20 on the meal. The night I went, they were showing Noel Coward's Blithe Spirit.

It's a very simple plot. Charles (Justin Marshall Tharpe) is a cynical writer who invites psychic Madame Arcati (Bea Eichmann Allen) to hold a seance so he can get inspiration for a book he's writing. In the process, the ghost of his deceased ex-wife Elvira (RaDawn Smythe) is 'summoned' and causes mischief between Charles', his current wife Ruth (Mary McGreaham) and even upsetting their housemaid Edith (Kenna Marks).

This was a light-hearted play (so much different from the somber tones of "The Exonerated") with witty banter that got me chuckling. The surprise ending was amusing and I thought it was cute how they showed the "hauntings"-- books falling on their own, picture frames twirling and that whle smoke and fog thing. Their British accents were a bit off and in some parts come off sounding like a sing-song but I had a good time nonetheless.

It was a bit weird because the actors also functioned as the waiters who would bring food/clear tables during the intermission! No prima donnas here! hehehe!

I give this play four pawikan points with plus points for RaDawn Smythe who in my opinion was the best actress of the night and for Kenna Marks and Bea Allen who gamely posed with me to have their photo taken after the show!

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