Monday, February 13, 2006

Nobody's Perfect by Repertory Philippines

Rating: 11110.5
I should've written about this the week after I caught this play at Greenbelt's Onstage Theater but I've been a bit busy and I only recently have found the time to blog again.

Simon Williams' "Nobody's Perfect" is the first of Repertory Philippines' plays for 2006 and It was a riot! I was laughing from beginning to end with its British humour. It's about a guy who pretends to be a girl in order for his story to be published in a publishing house of feminist books. In the process, he falls in love with beautiful publisher and thus ensues the dilemma of how to woo the girl without his 'secret identity' being discovered. ( has another synopsis here.)

As usual, the acting was superb with Miguel Faustmann as the cross dressing 'Leonard'. It's fast paced, witty and the transformations from man-to-woman as well as the quick cellphone dialog at the end kept me ready to get on my feet for a standing ovation after each scene! I've never been disappointed with Rep's plays and my only regret is blogging about this late! The final run has ended but I hope you get season passes because the next comedies look very promising!

4.5 pawikans for this-- minus points for the misleading text on the flyers: "can a transvestite make a woman love him?" (he wasn't a transvestite!) and for the ending that I felt was a bit "rushed".

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