Friday, February 17, 2006

Funny Bone Comedy Club with Mike Macrea and Billy D. Washington

Rating: 11110
I just came from the Funny Bone Comedy Club and tonight's show was Mike Macrea followed by Billy D. Washington. I had a hard time drinking my Alaskan Light Tap and Rolling Rock beer because I'd have to interrupt each sip by laughter!

First of all i'd like to thank the doorman who had just "closed his books" and let me in for free (I arrived about 5 minutes late)!

Mike Macrea had a great set that kept the audience laughing-- his impersonations of Harrison Ford and Sean Connery in Indiana Jones were spot on! He'd switch persona at the snap of a finger with bonus points for his Morgan Freeman! I was laughing out loud in my little table at the corner of the club!

Billy Washington soon followed and he had a more improvised set. I didn't like the way he made fun of the audience but it was funny nonetheless-- it just made me wish that he wouldn't focus on the lone Asian guy in the corner. (he didn't.)

One of the guys with a really long puffed up bushy beard got pikon and walked out while shouting to the comedian: "you think you'd bounce if I tossed you on your head?" Billy replies: Well there's only one way to find out mothafuckah! Have you ever had anyone braid your beard, bitch?" It sounds harsh here on the blog but the club was rolling with laughter. (To his credit, he thanked all the people he made hirit before he ended.)

What made him a bit unique was the little keyboard that he had on stage the he would play some tunes on-- he'd sing his one-liners, spoof songs and use it to pepper his set with bluesy/jazzy riffs. He wasn't just a funny man, he could play the piano too!

I'd give this club a four-- plus points for my free entrance but minuses for smelling like cigarette smoke after the show!

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R.O.S.E. said...

Buti di ikaw ang pinagtripan ni Billy! =) Musta? Looks like you're enjoying the clubs and theaters in Idaho...ingat! =)