Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Durian Yoghurt Freeze, Jurong Centre

Rating: 11100
After a particularly spicy meal at the Kopitiam on the 2nd floor of the Jurong Centre (get off at the Jurong East MRT station), I decided to try the Durian Yoghurt Freeze which is basically ice, yoghurt, syrup and durian bits thrown into a blender.

Durian isn't my favorite fruit but this just sounded too exotic and sosyal to pass up!

It's got a smooth, thick and creamy consistency and a lovely yellow color that makes you want to drink it! The first sip is very refreshing and there are just hints of the yoghurt because the Durian overpowers it.

I guess that's an understatement. The Durian overpowers everything! It instantly cleared the aftertaste of my spicy dinner and left my burps tasting like durian hours after I finished the drink. Yuck!

Three pawikan points. I recommend sharing this treat if you're not used to the fruit because there's only so much of it you can drink in one sitting.


B said...

are people allowed to hop into the MRT smelling like durian burp? hehe

mich said...

durian ... ewwwwww!!!