Friday, September 15, 2006

One stop shop for Lasallian Alma Mater song remixes, music videos, mp3's and ringtones

There are a lot of Lasallian related media all over the internet and I thought i'd try to get them all together on one page.

The latest i've seen are some pretty cool Lasallian videos produced by the Philippine Lasallian family.

One of my favorites is White collar job (shown on the video on this page). There are others such as Sports Brothers, Jeep ni Kuya, Be the Man and commercials by Our Own Little Team La Salle.

Another oldie but goodie is the funny song I'd Rather Be Green Than Be Blue by Randy Santiago and Ogie Alcasid (MP3 courtesy of Mico) which has recently been resurrected and making the rounds of the internet because of a music video supposedly produced by some students at CSB.

The video is corny but it has a certain cute, homegrown charm to it. If you haven't seen it yet, watch it on google video then show it to your *ehem* blue friends.

You can also dress up your Nokia phone with some DLSU themes by Bnycastro. The De La Salle Alumni Association also has some ringtones, wallpapers, songs and cheers on their website. It's a paltry selection and hasn't been updated in ages but it's better than nothing.

But my favorite Lasallian songs are the remixes of De La Salle's Alma Mater Hymn produced by the Silverde Foundation and released in 2004 during Batch 79's 25th anniversary. Astute readers will figure out that Silverde is a play on the words silver (as in silver anniversary) and berde (green).

Have a listen to these MP3s (courtesy of Enoe): R&B, Disco, Hard Rock, Pinoy, Reggae, Rock and Roll, Rap. My favorite is the reggae version and I use it as my phone's ringtone.

I wish there were fresher material as most of these have been created years ago. This is the age of the mash-up and i'm excited to see some new content... but where is it?

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