Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Gone to the great croc zoo in the sky

(check out the video coverage from Australian tv on youtube.)
September 19, 2006 update:
I was listening to some of my old MP3s and I came across a bootleg Davespeak of Dave Matthews talking fondly about Steve Irwin.

Ilse says: "This world is full of jaded fakers. He was the real thing. Silly, baduy, but real."

hellopagong says: "...He was on the job, doing the things he loved the most. It was a death that defined the life he lived well.... Focus back on us, if we had our own version of a Steve Irwin last hurrah, it would probably be getting an aneurysm or something while staring at our inbox..."

Mike A says: "I guess it would take a bull ray barb to the heart to kill this guy. Anything less would've just made him go "Crikey!"

Wikipedia's got some interesting trivia about him, too. Did you know that he trained grappling using Gaidojutsu?

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