Sunday, April 29, 2007

Villa Surprise, Cape Town

Villa Surprise's themed rooms, lounge-y garden and friendly staff entices you to be lazy and stay indoors.
My colleagues stayed at the larger King's room (all decked out in royal purple) which had a four-poster bed, a balcony, a stately bathroom and a view of the mountains. I stayed in the Africa room with native drums that doubled as tables, bamboo curtains, ostrich egg chandeliers, an animal skin rug, a view overlooking the outdoor pool-- the works!

The villa is designed to be open and airy so much of the silence depends on your neighbors from the adjoining rooms. I could hear footsteps from the room above and a little of the chatter from the garden but thankfully everyone was mostly considerate and kept the peace.

All rooms have wireless internet (ZAR10/day), a small tv with only three channels (shame on you if you're staying here just to watch tv!), a mini-bar, proper queen sized beds (not just two singles pushed together!) and goose-down pillows. T'here's no airconditioning but the weather is cool enough for you to snuggle under the comforter.

Breakfast is late at 8:30 and served by the host Marko. You can have eggs any way you want, coffee, toast, cereals and fresh fruit salad. It's not spectacular really but I can't explain why the food tastes much better if you have it dining under the sunshine, in a peaceful garden with mountains all around, a cool breeze and the twittering of birds.

The guest house is a quick 8 minute downhill walk to Camp's Bay which has a beautiful sunset and rows of clubs and restos. However, getting back is much more difficult. Be prepared for a difficult uphill climb that will leave you gasping for breath!

Conclusion:4/5 0
Four pawikan points! Although it did not have the sea view and isolation of The Clarendon, it's proximity to Camps Bay and themed rooms make up for it.

Bonus points for Rolf the interior designer/landscaper who did all the rooms! Minus points for the old-school locks which require you to have the key to open the door even from the inside!
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Jane said...

I usually don't care for guesthouses, but the South African Villa was outstanding. The combination of style, good value, and a warm and welcoming environment made us really happy. The Villa offered a pleasant warren of public spaces that were beautifully dressed. And of course, all lead to a charming outdoor area with plunge pools and timber loungers.

I never expected, this kind of a superb experience, it was all due to ( The management went out of their way to help us with our needs. I had never seen such a beautifully designed interior, combining both, modern and African at the same time. Finally, the location in one of the most charming neighborhoods in Cape Town was as memorable as our experience.

p said...

thanks for your comment and i'm glad we both agree on villa surprise!