Saturday, April 07, 2007

The Wild Mushroom Guest House, Stellenbosch, Cape Town

Understated elegance, subtlety and 'shroomy character makes the Wild Mushroom a must-visit in Stellenbosch.
From the outside, the Wild Mushroom Guest House did not impress me at all. The tight alley and the impractical three flights of stairs you had to ascend (!) to get to reception did not give a good first impression. But once you step inside and see the rooms, the place quickly redeems itself.

Homey, cozy, dark wood, curtains with mushroom tassles, warm lights, the bowl of fresh fruit, comfortable couches, spacious lounging areas-- it's a combination of all these things that made me feel so at home. Everything is just done in good taste!

Room and bathroom
The rooms are small, cozy and is mostly dominated by the queen sized bed. It's a bit of a squeeze moving around the room so you won't be able to horse around. If you're looking for a desk to work on (shame on you!), you'll have to step into the common lounging room which is perfect for some late night guitars or movie marathons.

The bathrooms are gorgeous-- wide and spacious with a separate tub and a shower enclosed by see-thru glass. There's a loooong mirror that almost spans the length of room, two sinks (no need to argue who goes first) and a towel warmer!

Yes, a towel warmer. I thought it was pretty strange but when I grabbed the toasty towel after my shower it was an "aaaahhhhhhh" moment. Where has this contraption been all my life?!? If you've never dried yourself with a warm towel, you're seriously missing out. (Put this on your must-do-before-you-die list.)

Breakfast was served on the sunny patio, cooked by none other than Wynand our affable host. Coffee, a cheese platter, toast, yoghurt, fresh fruit and a mushroom omelette made for a light and easy meal. The breakfast just complemented the whole laid back, no worries, no rush vibe.

If you've got no plans for the day, ask Wynand-- he knows where the good restaurants are and he'll even make reservations for you.

In summary...
Four pawikan points! Minus points for the tolling church bells that briefly woke me up at 7am! I initially thought that the ringing in my head was from all the wine I had the night before but it was actually the Church across the street reminding me to thank God I was in beautiful Cape Town.

If you're ever on a tour of the wine estates in Stellenbosch, stay at the Wild Mushroom. Tell Wynand that the Filipino guy sent you and he'll tell you that he doesn't remember me.

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Matt said...

your notes on b'fast recollected me our trip to stellenboash. we actually wanted to spend more time in the pool and other activities; and heavy the b'fast we take, less active every one will be. we stayed at , which is on the Houtkapper Street; asked them to serve something light like yours. nice that you too had a equally nice time.