Monday, November 21, 2005

UCC (Ueshima Coffee Company), Westgate Complex, Alabang

Rating: 11100
After that heavy and satisfying dinner at Zong, we decided to try the dessert at Japan's famous UCC which was located a stone's throw away.

Unlike Starbucks or Cafe Breton, this place wasn't exactly bursting with people. Each table had a little button you could press for service; I found that feature pretty cool and it kinda offset the pre-recorded lecture about the history of UCC that would interrupt the music every so often.

Try their mango panacotta, coffee jelly (with fresh kiwi fruit) or the iced coffee float-- they're pretty good but for the price of about Php150-Php200 (!), they're not *that* good. Our three desserts almost cost as much as our dinner for two at Zong!

I rate this place three pawikan points. The service was excellent but because of the prohibitive cost, I think I'd rather hang out someplace else. (Or maybe next time I should try their meals instead of the dessert.) Check out Yehey's article about UCC.

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Anonymous said...

Paolo??! I love UCC!