Monday, November 21, 2005

Zong chinese restaurant, Westgate, Alabang

Rating: 11110
zong chinese restaurant Last night I had the pleasure of eating at another chinese restaurant in the mold of Northpark and Superbowl-- Zong. Located in the westgate complex in Alabang, Zong sits in a stark and squarish, zen-looking building which I mistakenly took for a Japanese restaurant.

It's well-lit interiors, bench-style seats and long tables will instantly tell you that this place was designed for big parties. This is where you could go to have your big birthday libre or office dinner-out.

Since the portions are all for sharing, I'd recommend that you come here with at least a group of four so you can order and try a lot more stuff. Even if you come out smelling like a Chinese restaurant, the reasonably priced dishes, tasty, msg-free (according to the placemats) food will make up for it.

They've got one of the best salted, spicy squid I've ever had however they have a paltry selection of dimsum and the taste is so-so. For dimsum, i'd still go to Gloria Maris.

Their motto suggests that dining there is "an experience worthy of contemplation and remembrance"-- I would beg to disagree-- it's your typical Chinese restaurant; lots of good food, a great venue for long, boisterous meals with family and friends but it's not something i'd meditate over.

I give this four pawikan points-- plus points for the modern, not-your-typical-Chinese-resto look. Check out the Manila Times' article about Zong.


Jei said...

I have tried their branch in The Fort and I noticed that their serving portions are smaller now than before :( said...

April 3, 2009

A Complaint Letter on ZONG: A Sorry Experience
April 3, 2009

To whom it may concern,

Let me just vent my outrage over one of your waiter's attitude a couple of hours ago when I dined in at Zong, Westgate. I came in at around 8pm along with three of my friends and a child with autism. We were ushered in hospitably by your receptionist and were gladly seated on a table for seven people.

As we were figuring out how to make ourselves comfortable along with the child who would be needing special attention, I thought of moving one of the smaller table to make it a table for five. In that way, the child would not be too far away and would be assisted on both left and right.

I signalled one of the male waiters and politely asked if the table could be moved at the side. At first instance, the waiter was irritated and retorted that it could not be done. We were very hungry to even argue. We had walked all the way from Kanin Club Restaurant (also in Westgate) because they did not have a highchair for the child and thought about Zong with their motto "an experience worthy of contemplation and remembrance". The waiter did not offer any option.

One of my companions repeated what I had told the waiter. In response to the demand, the waiter dragged the table recklessly creating a painfully squeaking sound that made everybody look and find out what was going on. As if that was not enough, he moved the smaller bench in the same manner, pa-dabog, creating a scene. And I thought he was a really rude waiter. He left us and was very furious, I could tell because his ears were fuming red.

At that moment I wanted us to leave Zong out of humiliation but my friends were very hungry. I called out on another waiter and he approached promptly. I asked for the name of the rude waiter and told him not to let the rude waiter serve our food. He was apologetic and decided to be the one to serve us our food.

Now that I know the name of the rude waiter, Wilson Rojo, I do not want the management to take it against him. Maybe it is about time that Zong review its labor policy particularly their work hours, just compensation, and days off. Are your staff undermanned? Are you remitting their SSS religiously? Do they have health cards?

You are in the service industry and you know very well that such an attitude would have a snow ball effect on your customers. You can fire Wilson Rojo but if your labor policy is unjust, the attitude of your other waiters would unsurpisingly be such.

It's hard to find job nowadays and equally hard to find the right people. Teach your waiters to love their job. Care for your waiters by giving them just compensation. In that way your waiters will serve your customers a Zong experience worthy of contemplation and remembrance and not of dread.


DOLE Employee

Anonymous said...

Did Zong get a new chef? went with my family the other day to see that they have so many new items and tired some of it.. Glad to say that they were all great. My grandmother who is so picky when it comes to Chinese restaurant asked me why I haven't taken her there before. The staff was great, portions were good size and the price is still value. Good Job guys!!! Hope it stays this way.

Anonymous said...

Love this place, I've tried ZONG in every way, take out, delivery, dine in and parties, never fails. I am always satisfied.

Anonymous said...

Value for Money.
They know what they are doing. Hands down still one of the better Chinese restaurants in Manila. There's a lot out there, but Zong is still a cut above the rest.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but the last three posts sound like damage control...

Just my opinion. I am checking reviews of Zong on the net (can't make up my mind whether to take advantage of a promo) and still hesitating... hmmm...

Anonymous said...

The first time went to Zong I was impressed with their food. Its Value for money. We celebrated my mother's birthday at Zong's last year and I am treating my friends on my birthday this year. The letter of complaint posted here particularly refers to the service made by 1 employee. Although the letter sender have a valid complaint and I feel for her since I also have a special child nephew (whom we brought to Zong in one of our dinners), still I would recommend Zong to my friends.