Thursday, October 20, 2005

C'est Si Bon, Westgate Complex, Alabang

Rating: 11110
C'est Si Bon is a fine dining restaurant (but you can come in shorts!) that recently opened in the Westgate Complex, Alabang (plus points for free parking). It's easy to spend a two hour dinner in its laid-back, feeling-at-home and steady atmosphere while watching the crawling traffic across the street.

If you haven't noticed by now, i'm particular about service and C'est Si Bon definitely doesn't disappoint. Plus points for the polite, discrete and very accomodating waiters. It felt like dining in a five star hotel minus those little scoops of sorbet that are served in between courses.

I'd rate the food a 4/5-- To whet your appetite, I recommend the shrimp and salmon salad (big enough to be shared by two people). The baked french onion soup was good but I think they should have served a small sorbet to "cleanse my palate" for the main course.

It was my first time to order a duck and it tasted..well, duck-y. A very powerful umm.. duck taste (next time, i'm trying the steak). The seared sole fish was just a teensy bit too salty for me. Their mango topped, baked cheesecake just rates a 3 on the pawikan cheesecake scale-- it felt too "heavy" for me, had a hint of lemon and the mangoes weren't sweet.

Come here for a leisurely date, take your time to eat and expect to pay a steep Php1000 - Php1300 per head for a full course meal.

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Anma said...

okay lang... diamond is still the best but cest si bon comes in a close second!

thanks for the libre be! hihi!