Thursday, October 13, 2005

Jack's Loft, Eastwood City, Libis

Rating: 11100
Plus points for the ambience (indoor curtains, comfy seats, high ceiling and earthy color combination) but big minuses because of the stale smoky smell since smokers are allowed on the loft (second floor). The price of a meal is from Php150 - 200 and the portions are more than enough for a hungry guy.

My comments on the food:

  • Mongolian chicken (heaps of rice and chicken cooked mongolian style for about Php110). Nakakabusog.
  • Vegetable Lasagna - so so. obviously reheated in a microwave because half of it was cold. This is a far cry from Pasto's yummy eggplant lasagna!
  • Jack's cheesecake with mango toppings - 4/5 on my cheesecake scale. This was by far the best dessert among the 3 we ordered (the 2 others being the ice cream eclair overflowing with whipped cream and the mango mousse.)
It's a nice place to have a despedida lunch because it feels cozy and the atmosphere is conducive to kwentuhan. I wouldn't eat here everyday though-- it's too expensive for a regular office lunch.


Anma said...

i've never been there... i can't comment!

hmp. you did that on purpose!

anonymity is overrated said...

i recommend going next door to pho hoa instead

Anonymous said...

maybe food is good but the service is too bad. I think, the crew should have an orientation on how to treat a customer. I've there yesterday! And Its sucks!