Friday, October 21, 2005


Rating: 11100
Last night, I had a chance to listen to this up and coming Pinoy reggae group, Peacepipe, at San Mig Pub, Alabang Town Center.

Composed of rhythm guitarist and vocalist Jeck, lead guitarist Marion, bassist Ian, drummer Owen, bongo-ist Rani and a trumpet and trombone, I would say that their music is a cross between reggae and Carlos Santana.

That night, they did not emit the steady and laid-back vibe of a typical reggae group as the original songs that they played were fun and upbeat and the sets had a "bouncy" feel. Within all songs that night were riffs and leads from Marion who sounds a lot like Santana. Great guitar playing but I need to get used to Santana-ish solos in reggae. I would have loved to have heard a trumpet or trombone solo but all we got that night were guitars.

They sound a bit "thin", I think a keyboardist would be an excellent addition to the band. I give this three pawikans, plus points for percussionist Rani and the gusto he has when hitting the bongo.

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