Monday, October 31, 2005

LZM Lutong Bahay, Magallanes Square, Tagaytay

Rating: 11000
From the time we arrived, It took a solid hour and a half (ninety minutes) for us to get seated and for the first of our dishes to be served. This place is about a third of the size of Pampanga's Fisherman's Grill but unlike it, they couldn't seem to have a system in place to serve its guests efficiently:

  • Because the place was full when we got there, it took us 15 minutes to grab the attention of the servers just to *ask* them if they had seats enough for our party of 15.
  • We had to get our own utensils and distribute it among ourselves
  • The ulam came piecemeal-- i.e. they did not serve everything simultaneously
  • You had to follow up everything! They couldn't get it right the first time!
For its reasonable price, the food is so-so. Nothing spectacular but it'll hit the spot. If you don't mind waiting, this is the place to bring your barkada or big family. There must be something about this place for it to attract so many people.

Order their huge boneless Bangus which was the best among the viands we ordered. We spent Php2600 for our party of 15-- not bad and we were all busog, too! Do not order the exhorbitant pitcher of Iced Tea which costs 170! Those four pitchers cost us over 600 pesos!

The reasonable price and pwede na food would have been enough to merit this three pawikans. However, the long wait and sungit servers did not make this a pleasurable dining experience. They didn't issue us an Original Receipt, too. Makes me wonder if they are tax mapped.

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agent A said...

so so...

the bangus was definitely good but i could feel my arteries clogging up with each spoonful.