Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Gardenia Bakeries Flavored Bread

Rating: 11111
This is my all time favorite breakfast and snack. At 115 calories per slice, it will give you the much needed energy to last all throughout the morning or an hour at the gym. It's always fresh and in some villages, they will even deliver a loaf to your house-- well worth the hefty Php40-50 per loaf.

My current favorite is the new Amazing Black Forest Loaf-- it even has cherries! If this isn't available, try the Chocolate loaf although make sure you bring a tissue because the chocolate will leave marks on your hands.

Whoever thought of the "so good you can eat it on its own" tagline is a genius as it sums up the excellent bread from Gardenia Bakeries.

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Anma said...

okay lang...

i only buy the wheat bread. (yuck! feeling healthy!)