Friday, March 10, 2006

Aladdin Egyptian Cuisine, Boise

Rating: 11100
I had dinner at Aladdin Traditional Egyptian cuisine along Broadway ave. near downtown Boise.

It was a small, cozy place with only one server for the whole place. It was not a fine dining experience at all with just a couple of glass bead curtains separating the kitchen from the general seating area. The chairs and tables looked a bit run down but I guess you would come here for the food.

I ordered the hummus with their bread (yummy!) and the assorted meat kebabs as my entree. I also tried their version of Cazba's dulmades-- they tasted different and I prefer the one from Cazba. I had their mango juice to wash the whole meal down and the mangoes tasted different from the Philippine mangoes i'm used to.

The presentation of the food wasn't exactly gourmet but the different flavors made up for it and tasted authentic-- no Americanized tastes here! In fact even the smell of the resto was.. mediterranean!

Once again, the portions were a bit too big for me and I couldn't finish the meal but it was definitely mouth watering.

Plus points for the belly dancer who would get up to dance every 20 minutes. Her gyrations, complete with finger clappers (?) and bells were a welcome distraction from the meal!

Three and a half pawikan points for this resto-- the food was great but not exceptional and I think the place could use a makeover. Come here for a casual meal with friends but be careful because the smell of the food sticks to your clothes!

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