Sunday, March 26, 2006

Moon's Kitchen Cafe, Boise

Rating: 11100
Do they really have the best milkshakes in Boise? I had to find out.

So one fine Sunday morning, I woke up craving for a milkshake and decided to drive on over to Moon's Kitchen Cafe at downtown Boise.

The first thing you see when you enter the cafe is a small gift shop that sells assorted knick knacks-- postcards, touristy trinkets and general American kitsch. As you walk further in, it begins to look like a classic American diner like the ones you read in Archie comic books!

And so I sat by a table beside the in-house entertainer, Larry the guitarist who was jamming by his lonesome. I couldn't understand what he was playing though. It didn't seem to have any melodic structure, no progressions but what it lacked in cohesion, he made up with a lot of heart because he seemed to be enjoying himself!
I ordered their open faced moon burger which was a thick slice of ham topped on a hamburger served with about a pound of hand-sliced, home-made french fries. According to my server , the fries are special because they still taste good even after you reheat it in a microwave (which I did 2 days later because i couldn't finish it all in one sitting). Death by cholesterol! Yeah baby! And so I dug into the sandwich and they tasted... homemade. Nothing exceptional here except for the huge servings which I've come to expect from Boise!

Now on to the dessert! I ordered a chocolate malt milkshake which was prepared fresh, right before my very eyes! It was milky, very thick, very chocolatey and after a few gulps, I had to take a sip of water because it uber-rich!

Three pawikan points for Moon's Kitchen. Plus points for the homey vibe.

Was it the best milkshake i had in Boise? Well since it's the only milkshake I had, i'd have to say... yes!

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