Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Flipside Cafe, Boise

Rating: 11110.5
A new hire flying in from California has joined us in today's Tuesday-night-Dinner-with-the-Consultants and we found ourselves at trendy little Flipside Cafe at downtown Boise.

It's a small place, as big as your typical Starbucks and to me, it had a sexy coffee-shop feel to it with the smallish tables, the layout of the place, the funky art adorning the walls and the subdued hues.

That night I was there, they had a "Five for Five" treat-- five different glasses of red wine for $5. I'm not a sommelier and the only phrase I know to describe wine is: "the taste presents itself but not boldly" however having the five for five is a great place to start. I sampled wines from France, Oregon and California and I could actually taste the distinct yet subtle differences among them.

The service was great and our server was friendly, knew his wines (well I guess he knew them more than I did) and knew his menu. He even gave us some advice that the portions here were "European style" or what they call "small plates".

I ordered the special for that night-- seared scallops and they weren't kidding that these were small plates-- just three scallops but each bite was heavenly (plus pawikan points for presentation, by the way). I got the same comments from my companions-- excellent taste but too-small portions. I thought the size was just right! A very refreshing change from the nakakalula (overwhelming) portions that are typical of other restaurants. This just gave us space to try dessert.

We each had their chocolate creme brulee which was a funky twist to this cream-based dessert. I enjoyed the first couple of bites but then it quickly got a bit too sweet for me. I think this one should be shared too just so you'll end up craving for more.

Four and a half pawikan points for the exquisite food, small plates and for making me feel oh-so-sex-and-the-city.

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