Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Leku Ona, Boise

Rating: 11100
Today's Tuesday dinner was at Boise's Fine Basque Dining restaurant Leku Ona (translated as "Good Place"). Apparently, Boise is the home of the largest Basque community in the United States, and the second largest Basque community in the world! (This really surprised me as I didn't see a lot of Basque-looking people roaming about...) Anyway, on to the review...

The interiors of Leku Ona felt warm-- soft lighting, lots of wood, quaint paintings of rich white men and that white table cloth that tells you this is going to be an expensive dinner. This didn't strike me as a date place; it felt more of a come-here-with-your-family-on-a-Sunday type place or somewhere you'd go to after your graduation. I asked for a table with a view and I was seated by the window with a great view of the errrr... parking lot.

I ordered the Legatza Saltsa Berdean which is the Pacific hake simmered in white wine. The meal came in three courses starting off with a HUGE bowl of yummy beef/potato soup (it could feed a small Filipino family of four!) followed by an equally huge plate of house green salad. I usually eat a lot and I almost always finish my food but this time, the servings were up-sized! Kain galore! The fish I had was so-so, nothing really that great-- maybe I should have ordered the paella!

A typical meal with a glass of wine will set you back by about $15 - $30.

The server was very knowledgeable with the menu, there was a complimentary "experimental" crab sandwich thingie as a starter (i wasn't too thrilled about it but my companion seemed to like it) and the service was excellent.

I'm giving this place three pawikan points-- plus points for the soup and the ambience but minus points because the restroom didn't have a lock and I was so busog that I wasn't able to order their cheesecake for dessert.

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